Planet. The fucking probe said planet. No wonder all the previous away teams died. I don't even know what to call this place, but it's definitely not a planet; since when did planets bottle stars? That's right. There's a bloody star in here that appears to have bars surrounding it, and judging by the fact the horizon curves UPwards, we're on some sort of dyson shell. Nevermind the fact dyson shells are physically impossible unless you're working with neutronium, but this is obviously an artificial structure. Yay. Another mind bogglingly advanced alien species to contend with. Here's hoping they're not the same ones that built little Cthulu.

Anyway, we built our camp near some pretty Earth-like trees, on something dangerously similar to grass. The atmosphere's got the right composition, but we're not taking off the masks until we can confirm there isn't anything organic in the air that feels like killing us. The gravity's a lot stronger than what the probe reported, thanks to the fact dyson spheres work by the so called centrifugal 'force', not like there's much of that. Good news is, it looks like we're pretty high up, so going 'south' should lead us to higher gravity and hopefully better living conditions.

And less bird-analogues. The sky is bloody filled with winged things of all sorts, thanks to the weak 'gravity'.