"I already knew." Those words evoking a wonderful expression upon Kyon's face. Worry, relief and pure shock.

"You knew?" He repeated lamely, gears visibly turning in his little head.

"Yep. I'm God. I've kinda known it since Tanabata." I said with carefully engineered aloofness, watching him squirm as his whole world crumbled around his broken assumptions.

Anger. "You mean I never had to babysit you in order to prevent the world from ending?!" He almost shouted, which for Kyon was quite impressive. I was almost offended he couldn't admit he enjoyed spending time with me.

"Correct. Honestly Kyon, I know you're not a Data Entity, but surely you should've figured it out by now. I mean, how could I not realise I've had lasers coming out of my eyes?"

"B-but you didn't skip a beat after almost killing me!" Did he think I was a psychopath or something? Sure I went a little far with Mikuru-chan, but I'd never kill him. I told him as much.

"That isn't the point. Every day, people die deaths that you could've prevented! You're telling me you see all the evil in the world and don't move to stop it?!" Ouch.

I'm ashamed to say it, but I didn't have much of a response to that. I doubted telling him that I 'like it this way' would illicit a pleasant response. So instead I chose to put on a sour face, as if I just realised the wrongs of my ways.

Rolling his eyes at my expression, he said "Nothing to say? And your the one who's calling me slow."

That hit a nerve with me. While I admit I'm not the smartest around, it doesn't really mean mutch when I can just make reality so I'm right. Although that did get boring fast, and the poor Data Entity had to recompile its database every time I did.

"I need some time to think." He sighed his typical Kyon sigh and left the clubroom to me alone, softly shutting the door.

Perhaps it hadn't been a good idea to tell him. His moralistic attitude would get old pretty fast, and having tried making a paradise before, I preferred enjoying hell. Yet, when I thought to loop time back again, I stopped. The whole reason I go through this is because I like it better when there are consequences to my actions, and I like to see where those consequences lead. I just need to get out of the habit of trying to perfect everything.

Sighing my far cuter sigh, I looked around to find out that I wasn't alone, and that the only club member who knew the whole truth the entire time was staring at me, silently as always.

"Hey Yuki. That didn't go well at all, did it?" She didn't respond, of course. One thing I liked about her was that she took the whole situation in stride, unlike mister throws-a-fit.

"Do you think he'll get over it anytime soon. I mean, without me doing anything to change that."

"Uncertain; Kyon is difficult to predict. Your power will influence his decision regardless." She said in that monotone voice of hers.

"Yeah, forgot about that." Indeed, it was annoying to think you had super-powers, only to find most of the time you used them without meaning to. "Still, anything you can think of to speed this along? I really don't want to deal with a month of wangst."

Yuki sat there for a while, perfectly motionless as she doubtlessly thought with a mind the size of the universe. "Demonstration of necessity of evil is likely to convince him."

I pretty much stopped her there. "Nope. I don't want to steal Koizumi's philosophical lime-light. Is there anything actually fun we can do?"

"It is likely Kyon would enjoy an adventure involving outer space. This would distract him from thinking about the problem, forcing human grief processes to normalise that knowledge."

So, fun space adventure it is.